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Promote your business, share your services, advertise your product. Video Production follows a series of steps to create a video ready for sharing with your customers. Pair your brand with an exciting video to show your business at it's very best. Attract the attention of your clientele and deliver an impression that lasts. Create value, develop your identity and get your brand noticed online.

Show Your Clients
What You Do.

Video Production provides the opportunity to share something greater with your audience. Videos are everywhere at the moment and they have become the most effective medium to communicate with your audience. Promote your services in its best light and employ the use of video to attract and impress customers. 

Showcase your business online 

through video and expose your audience to your products. Demonstrate why your product or service is superior to competitors on the market and communicate your values. Advertise your brand and catch the eye of your clientele.

Would we be able to film the video before the end of the month?

Yes we can do that. Would you

be available to discuss?

Yes, are you free on Thursday?

Yes, does 2pm work for you?

That's okay with me.

Okay great.

To start the video production process, all neccasary requiements and aspects specific to the project will be put in place. During this time we will discuss and outline the purpose of the video and what key elements will help facilatate the direction and content.



Following the planning, all the actions and scenes that have been decided upon are then filmed. This brings the opportunity to interact with your audience, showcase and share what you want to be seen.  Once all the material has been sourced, the project moves to the next stage of the process.



Video editing is where all the material is colated and assembled on a timeline to create a final product that is ready to be shared. During this process all additonal effects, graphics and text are implemented to bring your project to life

Video Editing




The last and final step is making the video bespoke to you by adding your branding and your logo.

Example Video

View other videos


10 Bit

Rainbow Rectangle

Supporting production of videos in resolutions up to 4K, Ultra High Definition. Deliver your message in precise detail with sharp footage to leave an impression of excellence. Go beyond and create a clear distinction between you and your competitors with a modern representation of your online presence.

Supporting new camera colour technology. This new 10 bit format boasts higher colour accuracy than it's technological predecessor, allowing for a greater range and higher quality of visual effects to be applied in post production. Invest in your business and become an early adopter of this exciting new technology.  

Stand out
from the crowd


A short and sharp 1 minute video. Useful for social media videos, online advertisements, website homepages and other applications. See the list to the right of this to see what is included in this video package.


0 - 60 Second Video Duration

1 Filming Session

4k Resolution Quality

Video Editing

Your Branding

£ Quote


A custom length video. You choose how long you

would like the video to be. This is a package for people who are looking to create a video with specific filming requirements and a run time of over 60 seconds. A quotation will be issued based on the the information provided.

£ Quote

Custom Video Duration

Custom Filming Sessions

4k Resolution Quality

Video Editing

Your Branding

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