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 Video Editing
 Video Production
 Leamington Spa Warwickshire

Promotional Videos, Online Videos, Social Media Content and Video Filming.

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Video Production is a step by step process which starts with planning and finishes in a complete video. After the planning of your video, comes the filming. This process involves capturing the actions and scenes that will act as the building blocks of your project. This will then be refined in the final stage of the process; video editing. This is where the video is assembled into it's finished state ready to be shared.

Already have the footage for your project but need someone to assemble and edit it? Video editing is the process that comes after filming. Video editing as a  tool provides the power to control, organise and manipulate footage placement and duration within time to evoke and target a specific emotional response from a viewer.

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About me.

 I enjoy creating videos for neat clients, working freelance,

 playing basketball, learning guitar and visiting new places whilst doing a little phone photography. I also like to experiment with and learn new techniques/technology that help me provide an improving service in the video production industry.

Joseph Gray







Warwickshire College

Film & Television




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